Your body, our canvas. 

everlasting adornments for a modern era. 

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Your body, our canvas.

Our mission is to introduce a new and classic perspective on tattoos for all generations. Our artists promise to deliver high quality fine line decorative tattoo services and works of art. Your everlasting adornments for a modern era.  

- "Be our canvas, and we will be your Van Gogh".

MJ is such a talented artist! She's easy to communicate with and work with, I would highly recommend her to anyone that's looking to get inked. Though it's more on the pricy side, but you definitely get what you paid for, the follow up and aftercare is phenomenal.

Edwin C

 Wonderful experience--I got my first custom tattoo by Hide and he was amazing. He understood what I wanted and made adjustments to the artwork until I was completely satisfied. The tattoo turned out gorgeous and I love it so so much. This place is definitely worth it for the experience and quality of art.. 

Minci L




Tuesday - Sunday

11:00am – 08:00pm


65 West 8 st
Manhattan, NY, 10011, US

About us

BaNeul Tattoo is based in New York City- specializing in the practice of fine line tattooing. Emphasizing form, contour, and structure through various articulate means of single needle work.

We pride ourselves in the incredible details that go into the longevity and quality of the works we put out.

Come see for yourself :)

Baneul Tattoo