Resident Artist, Owner

MJ specializes in intricate fine line, watercolor, and realistic tattoos.
She's well known for her detailed and delicate floral pieces.


Resident Artist + Piercer

Hide specializes in fine line linear work and anime style tattoos. He's well known for his clean linear works and anime style designs.



We have many established Guest Artists from all over the world.

Please stay updated on Instagram (@baneulnyc) for up coming artists and upcoming events!



65 West 8 st
Manhattan, NY, 10011, US

About us

BaNeul Tattoo is based in New York City- specializing in the practice of fine line tattooing. Emphasizing form, contour, and structure through various articulate means of single needle work.

We pride ourselves in the incredible details that go into the longevity and quality of works we put out.

Baneul Tattoo